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Accounting & Book Keeping Services

  At Abatera, we understand the needs of our clients and work with them to streamline their accounting and administrative systems professionally. In extremely reasonable pricing, we provide part-time and periodic accounting services as well as accounts supervision by certified and highly qualified professionals   Our accounting services : Bookkeeping Services. Maintaining an Accurate and [...]

Cost Audit & Cost Analysis

Cost Audit & Cost Analysis The global economic downturn is having a significant impact on every industry, regardless of its size or nature. Needless to say every industry needs to optimize its resources to minimize the cost and to make the operation more profitable. Cost auditing is the process of determining if a company's manufacturing, [...]

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention & Detection The deployment of a plan to detect fraudulent transactions or banking activities and prevent these acts from inflicting financial and reputational harm to the consumer and financial institution is known as fraud prevention (FI).   In combination with fraud and theft investigations, we use accounting and auditing skills to provide an [...]

Business Valuation

Business Valuation Whether you're considering purchasing a new business or going through a difficult divorce, the amount tied to the worth of your current one is crucial.We can give objective and meaningful analyses to help you value any firm in which you have an interest. We offer valuation and assessment services for unincorporated enterprises, closely [...]

Financial analysis & Working Capital Management

Working capital management often entails analyzing important parts of working capital, such as the working capital ratio, collection ratio, and inventory turnover ratio, to track cash flow, current assets, and current liabilities. In today's ever-competitive company world, the need for competent financial analysis is unavoidable. We assist our clients in making sound business decisions. Our [...]

Market Research & Feasibility Studies

Market Research & Feasibility Studies Abatera Management Consultants becomes involved in the business even before it begins to take shape. Our involvement begins with the formation of a company concept, which is followed by research and the creation of a business plan.   Our feasibility study typically consists of the following components: Industry assessment Market [...]